by Simone Douglas

Seriously Social

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Simone Douglas is the owner of one of Australia’s most successful social media training companies, Social Media AOK, and a highly acclaimed international speaker on the subject of digital networking.

Seriously Social is for those who want to use their digital platforms to grow their network and their business, and to do the same for the people they connect with.

Whether you are a social media master or an online novice, Seriously Social unlocks the insider secrets that will take your digital networking to the next level.

Learn how to:

• Leverage your connections to reach your ideal clients

• Engage with your audience to create loyal customers and brand ambassadors

• Move your online conversations to ‘real world’ meetings 

• Ensure your voice is heard above the social media noise

• Become an expert at making genuine, lasting connections in the digital realm

Simone Douglas’ straightforward guidance ensures that no matter what field of business you operate in, you have the tools you need to raise your profile, increase your connections, and improve your digital networking skills, growing both your confidence and your business opportunities.

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