25k – 35k words - $15,000

Thought Leader Books

Thought Leader books are aimed at consultants and trainers who have a high level of expertise in their field and are confident that even once they have provided the solutions to many of the problems their audience faces, their services will still be in great demand.

For the reader, the investment of time required to implement all the suggestions and solutions is likely to be too great, and the results may not be of the calibre that the author would provide if the company engaged their services. As a result, these books showcase your talents, as well as providing value to the reader.


Package includes:

• Interviews

• Professional writing by an editorial consultant

• Copyediting

• Typesetting

• Proofreading

• Cover Design

• Printing


Expected timeframe:

  • 6-10 weeks to complete the ghostwriting
  • 10-14 weeks to be print read