Write A Book

The Benefits

Build your credibility

Attract more clients

Gain a global reach

Share your experience

What's Stopping You

It's hard

Don't know how

Editing is a pain

No time

By writing a book showcasing your passion and your expertise, you can speak to potential clients in the next city, the next state, and even on the next continent.

A well-written, well-published book is the single most effective way of building a following and extending your reach.

That is why Peritia have put together our range of specially tailored Author Packages, so that, whatever you want to say, and whoever you want to connect with, we’ll work with you to make it happen – and fast!


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Available Packages

With a variety of options to suit your needs, Peritia provides tailored packages that enable you to get your message out to your audience in a way that adds value to your business.


Our tailored packages comprise:

           Authority books, to show your audience you understand their needs.

           Thought Leader books, to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your talents.

           Legacy books, to share your philosophy or journey.

We also offer bespoke services, to ensure you are able to tell your story and deliver your message in exactly the way you need to reach your audience.